Every home has a story to tell.  It's our mission to unearth that story, and to translate it into its most authentic and captivating form.

We are devoted to art of observation, studying each detail of our raw environment, preserving the elements we love and reimagining the rest.  No idea is too big, small or unusual in our world. If something is important, we find a way to make it happen; if it is missing or doesn't exist, we celebrate the opportunity to handcraft it in a meaningful way.  

With every home we design, our purpose is to create an inviting atmosphere that will only become more beautiful with age.  We value imperfection.  Whether it's through hand troweled plaster, a natural patina, rough hewn beams or floors that have lived through a hundred plus years, the condition of being imperfect captures a sense of time, history and human touch.  In our eyes, it is perfect.

While we look to the past for inspiration, it never rules our designs.  Unorthodox in our ways, we’re known for melding historic character with more simplified, modern design elements, creating the lovely juxtaposition prized in many of our homes.  To us, there are no rules in the art of design. We embrace the classic, but surprise with out of the ordinary nuance, forging the harmonious and natural connections that make a truly warm, inviting and original home.

Kaemingk Design began as an ambitious dream to bring beauty back to homes that had been discarded and forgotten.  Through this journey, we have discovered our natural ability to not only compliment each other in work but to also excel at it side by side.  As we turned our creative drive toward home design, our passion, experience and vision organically evolved into a true craft, and each home we’ve designed has been more inspired and refined than the last.  Every new and unique home brings us joy and fulfillment, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to see people enjoying their lives in the spaces we’ve created.


The services we provide:

Full-Service Home Design

Interior Design & Decorating

                                                                  Brandt & Chelsea Kaemingk, Principle Designers

                                                                  Brandt & Chelsea Kaemingk, Principle Designers