10 Years.

What a journey this last ten years has been.  For those that know us, find it of no surprise that we chose to embark on this adventure by moving from our home state on a whim, getting married and buying the first house that would start this crazy unique career we can call our own all in a matter of one year.  Our lives have not slowed since then but we are beginning to figure out the work/play balance.  It does help that we absolutely love what we do and though it may be trying at times, it is so rewarding.  We are extremely grateful to those who have shown their support for us in small ways and large throughout the years,  it always seems to make our day.  So, thank you.  

The last several years we have been planning on making a name, logo, brand change to our business but never had the time to put it to action.  So it's interesting that ten years from the date we started our journey, we were able to put that change into effect.  Welcome to MAKE KING, a reinvention of us and also our last name.  We are excited to see what these changes have in store for us as well as what this new year will bring, heck we are excited for the next ten years!  

To celebrate, we thought it would be appropriate to share the last decade in project "befores".  This is when we fall in love.  Enjoy.