Thank you for your interest in our E-Design services!    

Here's how it works:

Once we receive the photos of the spaces you wish to have designed, the filled out questionnaire as well as the dimensions of each space, we can together establish a budget for the space(s) and a general direction for the design.  All correspondence will be through e-mail.   Our E-Design includes the following:

  1. Concept boards for each room to visualize vibe, style and general direction for the design.  
  2. Space planning and layout for the room, including furniture, lighting, art, etc.  Our plans are drawn to scale and will help with the placement of each item within the room.  
  3. Detailed shopping list of items and where to purchase them.
  4. A Parcel delivered to your home with the above items and, if applicable, samples for materials and selections chosen for the design.  Please note that physical samples are not readily available for every item.
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