Kaemingk Design

As some of you may have noticed over on Instagram, a few small changes have been taking place. For one, we have changed our business to Kaemingk Design.  We love it.  It's simple, straightforward, classic and it's who we are because hey, it's our name!  Anyway, we felt there would be less confusion moving forward and after some advice from a great friend and fellow genius entrepreneur Alyssa Rosenheck, we took the leap.  So we are now Kaemingk Design, and we're sticking to it!

Secondly, and the more exciting news of the two, is that we are now offering our design and architectural services to clientele.  Many of you know that over the past several years, we have primarily stuck to our own projects since they took up the vast majority of our time.  Well, we have now restructured our business and are excited to meet awesome like-minded people and design more amazing spaces.  

Additionally, there will be more changes in the coming months so stay tuned.  Like we mentioned before, we post regularly on our Instagram so make sure to follow us!  For those of you who already do follow along, thank you for your support, we love you all!