Bold European Design


This project was completed in the spring of 2012.  We were blessed and honored to have the best clients that gave us complete control over the design and remodel of their beach house.  We pulled out all the stops.

We went bold with the design on this house, so we relied heavily on classic materials to neutralize the look a little bit.  A lot of subway tile, wood and ceramic tile in neutral tones were used.  These choices grounded the look and kept it from being too in your face.

The whole layout of the house was changed to accommodate this stairway.  At six feet wide, we designed the stairs to represent a grand staircase found in historic homes.  We found large newel posts and classic balusters that were the perfect fit and scale for this size of stairway.  It all was painted a low luster black for that modern edge.

This bathroom was a pleasure to design.  Originally two separate rooms on two separate levels, we decided to open them up and create one large room with stairs connecting the two levels.  The room now exudes character and all original awkwardness is a thing 

of the past.

We chose to forgo the typical frame less shower doors on the shower.  We felt the look would be a little pretentious for the style and character of this home.  We left the shower open to the rest of the bathroom and hung curtains from a custom brass railing we designed.  The result turned out perfect.

The centerpiece of the kitchen includes this hood made from a salvaged five panel door.  In our designs, we try to bring in salvaged materials whenever possible.  Not only are they earth friendly and less expensive, they also add that needed character we strive so much to create.

The living room of this home was large.  Back in the day, the previous owners would use it as a dance hall!  Now this space is meant for living and relaxing.  Because there was so much room, we were able to create a whole wall of custom bookshelf built-ins.  Perfect for the homeowner's who are avid readers.

We were able to find all of the decorative lighting (as well as many other materials) for this house through salvage.  Have we mentioned how much we love to salvage?  :)

This project pushed us further to think outside the box.  Small awkward spaces were transformed into large, unique and livable rooms.  Before this remodel, the homeowners would never set foot upstairs.  With a six foot wide staircase, redesigned large master bedroom and one of the most unique bathrooms, now they have a reason to ascend!