Old Portland Foursquare


It has been a whirlwind of a summer.  We made the big move to Portland after eight years living in Lincoln City.  It has been a long time goal of ours and we are proud to say that we made our dream a reality.  We spared no time and got into searching for a house right away.  Let's just say that it is a different world here then it was in Lincoln City!  The real estate market here is fast and there is a lot of competition for anything worth buying at a reasonable price.  We looked at countless homes.  We put in numerous offers.  It was unreal!  We kept at it, kept our heads up and reminded ourselves that with every house that fell through, there was just something better out there waiting for us.  Just as the search became even more difficult, everything basically fell into place within a of a couple of days.  We always believe that everything happens for a reason and the same can be said for the house we found.  We couldn't be happier with the outcome!   

It seems unreal that we were able to snag a house of this caliber for our first Portland house, but it also couldn't be more fitting.  This house is the most impressive house on the street and just walking around it you can tell it's not just a typical foursquare.  It is one-of-a-kind.

We have been reading up a bunch on foursquares since we bought the home and one unique aspect this house has is a wrap around porch, which is quite rare in a typical foursquare.  Although an impressive home, the porch definitely makes the street presence of this house far more grand then a typical foursquare with only a front porch.

The house was built in 1908 and although it has hardly been touched since then (which is an excellent thing), it also means there is quite a bit of differed maintenance.  We honestly believe that the house hasn't been painted in 30+ years.  We have been talking colors on this one, and are actually surprising ourselves at the choices we have made.  Think historical colors painted in a modern way.  So excited for this one!

The porch is massive.  We love that original screen door, which is definitely going to be cleaned up and put back to use!

Our favorite detail of the house is under the eaves.  Beautiful corbels holding exposed beams that encircle the house and the ornate rafters are an extremely unique feature.  Although Craftsman homes are known for their simplicity, this one seems different.  The extravagant detailing makes it stand out...and we like that! 

Now the inside is equally as impressive or even more so then the exterior.  All original wood work, plaster that is still in tact, original lighting, even the floors are in decent shape!

Like everything else, the living room has basically been untouched since built.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the walls throughout the house and the trim needs a little elbow grease, but we are really excited to put some imagination into these old, historic spaces and give them new life without ruining their integrity.

The dining room is one of the most impressive spaces in the house.  All the wood work is immaculate (for an old house that is).  We love the lights in the box beams, well...we love the box beams too!  We imagine a grand dining room with a historic feel but a modern twist in the future.

The kitchens in these old homes are charming.  They just don't live up to today's needs.  We are big fans of traditional kitchens but this one needs a little help with layout and space design.  

Those original upper cabinets will stay...but maybe get a little facelift?  Who could throw away flush faced cabinets with original wavy glass?  Unheard of!

We have already started opening up the space and plan on filling it with a lot of storage.  We are excited to see our visions come to life in this kitchen.

The three bedrooms are large and full of light.  Another unique feature all three have?  Large closets!!

This bathroom is hilarious.  Almost like a time capsule.  The paint is peeling off every surface and although a large bathroom, the layout is not doing anything for it.  We plan on a full remodel for this space complete with a unique shower!

We love that old toilet.  Wish we could reuse it but maybe we will be able to give it life in another way.  It is beautiful.

Basements in the city = additional square footage!  This basement is large and perfect for finishing.  Ideas include a media room, laundry, bathroom and office space.  It will be the perfect retreat.

We started work a couple of weeks ago on the house an it already looks drastically different.  We feel extremely blessed to be working on a home with such integrity and history in it's bones.  We cannot wait to see and show the transformation of this home as the next couple of months pass.  Stay tuned!