Emerson Progress.


Days are becoming busier as we are well into the home stretch on The Emerson House.  I know, hardly any updates this time!  Sometimes we dive right into a project and there really is no time for anything else.  That seems to be the case the majority of these days.  Anyway, so much progress.  The house is looking gorgeous and we are so excited to see what the near future holds as we complete it. Anyway, here is a little peek at what we have been up to over the last few months...lots of work!

So much work was spent on the exterior of this house.  We were able to save the original siding hidden under the asbestos siding.  Major victory but so much work.  New trims, doors and balcony are among the few changes that took place and now the house really stands out like it should from the street.  It is looking gorgeous and we are happy.

The inside is something we are REALLY excited about.  We have a lot of ideas guys.  It's going to be good.  Here is a peek of the floors.  1X12 reclaimed fir flooring milled from old beams.  We LOVE them!  That is all for now. :)

And this.  We have some really great outdoor spaces at the Emerson House and this is just one of them!  We were lucky to find some timbers used to build the Sellwood Bridge here in Portland so we used them to build a pergola.  The picture is great but this structure needs to be seen in person.  It is so awesome!

In other news,

1859 Magazine

featured us in their September/October issue.  We are elated.  Check it out!

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