Livingetc Magazine!

The past month we have been in and out of magazine stores around town trying to get our hands on the 2014 May issue of Livingetc Magazine.  For some reason, their issues don't arrive a month early here like other magazines.  So today, we were finally able to get a hold of their May issue and take a peek of the article in which we were featured.  

Look familiar?'s the shower in Bold European Design.  We were surprised to find out that the picture was featured twice in the issue.  They also featured it on their Design Planning table of contents cover.

The article features numerous showers of varying styles that are on trend right now.  Though all the other rooms were completely stunning, one thing we noticed that distinguished our shower from the rest was that we were the only one to use a shower curtain...and brass.  We will always be fond of shower curtains because they add a layer of softness where frame-less glass doesn't.  Both the curtains and brass also offer a period look to a seemingly modern space, which is something we LOVE and love to incorporate into our designs.

It was a pleasure to be featured in such a widely known magazine.  We are thankful for the people who stand behind us in our work as we continue to grow and refine.  We couldn't do it without you guys!  More exciting news for us to come, more blogging, more pictures, more design, all very soon!

And...Happy Mother's Day to the wonderful Moms in our lives.  We love you!