The Morrison House.


Remember way back, when we mentioned how much we love Victorian homes?  Well, we have our next project lined up and guess what?  It's nothing other than a 1894 Victorian!  We are wrapping up our latest project this week (which I will post more about later), and work will start on this home shortly thereafter.  We already have a large scale of ideas ready for this project but have some fine tuning to do as we move along.  

The house is gorgeous and in great condition.  It is hard to tell from the picture, but the siding is brick and that really excites us.  Over the years, some of it's original character has been stripped and we have plans to add some of that back during renovations.  Word has it, a porch ran the length of the house but was torn off sometime before the 1950's.  One thing is certain about this house is that we can go either way with it...super simple Victorian farmhouse or a more ornate version adorned with corbels and intricate trims.  Stay tuned.

This front porch was original but the columns have been replaced as well as the stairs leading up to the front door.  Although the original stairs were wood, we like the fact they are poured concrete.  We have exciting plans in store for those steps!

Now the brick siding is evident in this picture.  Isn't it beautiful?  We especially love the arched windows.

We love that the original staircase is in tact.  Since we love historic staircases, our plans are to keep the integrity while modernizing it and making it something really special.

 The living room is right off and completely open to the entry way.  We have plans to make this space feel more intimate and special, like a true Victorian "parlor" or living room should feel.  There were drop ceilings installed throughout the main floor in this house, so that means tall ceilings!  Those will be the first to go!

The dining room right off the living room is very spacious and can you say bright?!  Lots of potential here.

Now off the dining room, is a room that was being used as a bedroom but we plan on turning into the kitchen.  Our plan is to create an open living, dining and kitchen area that caters to modern day living while keeping the Victorian spirit alive.

How funky is this kitchen?  We love the light the glass block adds but we plan on changing the opening to something a little more traditional.  The current kitchen is an open and large space, which is good, but we plan on moving it as mentioned earlier.  The plans for this area are to become an awesome bedroom...that is on the main floor!

The other side of the kitchen houses these leaded glass built-ins, which we plan to keep and update.   Our plans are to make this space a hallway.  Upon removing some of the drop ceilings in this area...we found a surprise which I will elaborate more on later! 

Off the kitchen, there have been a couple of additions which make the back of the house and the interior spaces pretty awkward.  Although we love salvaging, we plan to demo and rebuild this area to look more cohesive with the rest of the house on the exterior, while providing optimal flow on the interior.

One thing that will remain the same in this area is the entrance to the basement.  We plan on keeping this area and turning it into something truly special.  Let me just say...I would die for something like this in my dream home!  More to come on this...

The master bedroom is located on the second floor and has huge potential.  The space is large, bright and unique.

We plan on converting this area into a unique walk in closet.

Since there is already a bathroom attached to this bedroom our plans are to expand the existing bath into the master since the space is there and currently unused.

The current master bath is small, but not tiny.  We plan on rearranging the fixtures and expanding it to make it more luxurious and practical.

The upstairs guest bedroom is charming and doesn't need much other than small cosmetic changes.  We plan on taking some square footage from the adjacent bath to make a closet for this space.  How about those original trims?

One other special thing about this property (other than the amazing home sitting on it) is the yard.  Being a corner lot, the property is a commanding presence from the street.  The house also sits very close to the edge of the lot, making a large lot in Portland feel even larger.  We have plans to make this yard as gorgeous as we plan to make the house.  Think entertaining spaces, a special retreat, and a Mediterranean vibe.

This property has a lot of out buildings.  They are all clustered toward the back of the lot, making it somewhat awkward and cramped.  We plan on moving the shed and converting something we are really excited about!  

Work on this project begins very soon. There is so much to write about this place, it's difficult to fit it all in one post.  We can't wait to break ground!  Stay tuned!