Musings on Tabor


Our minds have been whirling lately with ideas and thoughts on what direction we want to take the Tabor House design-wise.  We like the idea of changing design direction with each house because each house is different, and a lot of design styles appeal to us.  We enjoy the challenge of switching it up with every house because it keeps us on our toes creatively and we get the unique chance to create depth within our portfolio with the design styles that speak to us.  Another factor that is just as important in the way we go about creating a vision for a home is through our salvaging.  Sometimes we will find a unique item or material and our design either revolves around it or we find a way to work it into the design.  This is probably one of the aspects of our job that we love the's our version of treasure hunting!  Anyway, what is speaking to us in terms of the Tabor House?  Let us show you!

Bill Ingram Architect

During our time off, we were able to get away and see some amazing architecture and design.  One thing that appealed to us was the use of dark charcoal brown on exteriors.  Used in a monochromatic way, this color has a traditional yet modern feel without being too edgy.  We found the perfect brown that we will be using on the exterior of the Tabor House that we plan to accent with rustic wood tones and aged brass.

Speaking of aged wood tones, this is the perfect example of what we are trying to achieve.  We discovered the art of cerusing or applying a lime wash to wood a few months back and we are dying to try this out.  We have yet to test it but our plan is to accent the exterior of the house with this washed wood look as well as the floors throughout the be continued!

Commune Design

During one of our salvaging trips, we scored an amazing tile that was pretty much the jumping off point for the interior design on Tabor.  Before that tile was discovered, we really wanted to incorporate a worldly feel into this house through materials and lighting.  The combination of the two will live up to the traditional qualities that we have always loved while adding a little bit of modern flair.  A perfect example of this marriage would be the kitchen above...stunning! 

Tracery Interiors/cococozy

For the longest time, we have wanted to create a built-in range but have never had the right space or layout to accomplish it.  Well the circumstances in the kitchen at Tabor have worked in our favor and we have the opportunity to create a jaw dropping focal point not only for the kitchen, but the house.  We are excited about this one.


We are also toying with the idea of incorporating this perfect green into the house somehow...the verdict is still out on this one.  The use of color and materials in this space blow our minds!  Aesop's interiors never fail to impress.

Elle Decor

Although a lot of these inspiration pictures appear to be more on the darker side, we are actually planning on making the interior light and bright.  All white walls, lots of light from the windows with only accents of darker shades.  This bedroom above is how we want Tabor to feel.  Bright, worldly, warm with a touch of modern.  

Tim Barber Architecture

This staircase is jaw dropping.  We may tackle something like this on Tabor's staircase but it all depends on the other patterns we choose (and choose not) to incorporate into the design.  Again a touch of modern and the dark window muntins. 

Ett Hem/Dustjacket

The bathrooms will have the same modern, worldly vibe as the rest of the house (or even more so) but the master bathroom will benefit from an added shower somewhat comparable to this one.  We will also be using darker greys with brass for the shower but it will look and feel much different from this one.

There you have it!  A little glimpse into Tabor's future.  Lot's of great items, lighting and materials have been stacking up and we are excited to put them in place!