In the Works...

Since it has now been over three months, we thought it would be appropriate for an update here on the blog.  Yikes.  2017 has been a year of changes for us, but it has been exciting and gratifying.  At the beginning of the year, we converted over to a full-service design firm and it has brought a variety of opportunities and wonderful client relationships.  We have some exciting projects in the works that we will update more on very soon...can't wait to share!  We can however, share a more personal project we are breaking ground on today.  For years, we have dreamed of designing and owning our own rentals and after months of planning, we have finally decided there is no better time then now.  We are finally doing it...we are building an ADU!

We have already started the preliminary architecture and design on our "little house" and we are quite excited about it.  Since the rental will be on our property, it will be our most personal project to date.  We will be treating it as a design testing grounds for a larger and even MORE personal project coming soon, our house.  The "little house" will be the first in a series of many projects on our property.  You know us, we are huge dreamers and we love buying homes that need (a lot of) love.  So here's a little peek of what is inspiring this new, and very personal project!

The building will be small (approx. 400 sq/ft) but our goal is to pack it with a ton of character.  The plan is to keep the shape simple, much like the architecture of our house and add character with materials and architectural detailing...think smooth stucco siding with deep window wells on a simplistic, slightly modern shape.

We absolutely love Belgian and European farmsteads with their series of disconnected or semi connected buildings.  We do not live on a farm...actually quite far from it, but our property is larger than most in Portland and we always dream about owning farmland.  Our thoughts are this, since we are unable to live in the country right now, we will bring the farm (and country vibe) to us!  Our setup will be on a smaller scale, but similar in vibe.  We absolutely love the idea of multiple structures that surround a general courtyard, it's intimate and inviting.

For the inside, we want warm, humble, natural materials with a slightly modern aesthetic.  We want to try our hand at frameless oak doors (major swoon) and custom iron collar ties that will show off the vaulted ceilings and plasterwork.

Again.  More natural materials and warmth.  We are currently obsessed with customizing a monolith sink (coined and inspired by one of our current clients *wink *wink) similar to the one above.  We may have to crane it in and build it in place, but anything for the sake of design!  Since the space is smaller, we have made the layout fit as a studio, but with all the amenities of a home.  We have a small kitchen designed that will be packed with functionality and yes, aesthetics.  

We are excited to finally start on this project and can't wait to source and create the unique pieces to fill the space.  Our hope is that we will be done by spring 2018 (fingers crossed).  We can't wait to share this project with everyone!  Look for more updates on our Instagram and stories.