The Art of Mixing Metals


Remember sometime in the not so distant past when someone came up with the idea that every single piece of hardware should match in a home?  Yeah, we get the idea...matching is good.  To us though, matching versus cohesiveness take on completely different meanings.  We like cohesive.  We like interest.  We like authenticity.  You get the drill.  Our thoughts are this, when you match every piece of hardware in your home, that authentic look is immediately lost.  Matching also creates a predictable look that can read as bland, and in some cases, boring.  In other situations, matching can take on the opposite effect, resulting in a garish look that overwhelms.  So our opinion is...mix the metals people!  Here are some excellent examples of some spaces killing the mixed metal game!

We believe design is less about the "rules" and more about having an open mind.  

Tip:  First and foremost, have no fear and have an open mind...don't be scared to experiment!

Belgians are the masters of mixing when it comes to mixing metals, they are the forerunners.  

Tip:  Be unconventional in the mix.  We love how Benoit Viaene chose to incorporate this polished bronze sink paired with a blackened tap.

Another master of the mix, Studio Piet Boon makes a statement with their metal usage.

Tip:  In a neutral or tonal space, make the metals the focal point.  We love how the brushed nickel taps act as a neutral while the blackened steel mirrors and lights add contrast.

Well, of course we had to include ourselves in this post, we LOVE mixing metals!

Tip:  Don't just limit yourself to two different metal types, add another to the mix!  Here we are using three different metals, brass, aged zinc and blackened steel and they all play together nicely.

Yeah, we did.  We included the piece de resistance to our theory...and another example of our love for a healthy patina, but we will save that conversation for later!

Tip:  Treat your metals like you would paint.  Mostly, metals play as neutrals, so why not use them to cover a surface?  We love this usage of aged brass and zinc...jaw dropping!